• Elfrid

The Beautiful North

The most beautiful part of Norway is the north. To me, there is definitely no doubt about it. The mix of snow covered mountains, white sand beaches and turquoise sea is simply breathtaking. On top of that you have the Northern light in the winter and the midnight sun in the summer. Whales, rein deer, old fish villages and beautiful lighthouses. No wonder so many artists find inspiration in these surroundings. I must admit, I didn't know the north at all until my sister moved up there around a decade ago. Since then, there have been many trips to visit her, and I love it every time. Not only for the beautiful nature, but also for the people. In the rest of the country, we say that they swear a lot up there. And yes, they kind of do. But not in a bad way. The people in the north are open, warm and brutally honest, which is liberating in so many ways. In the south, we are a lot more reserved, I'm afraid. Last weekend we were back again, to the island of Senja to be more specific, and it was as lovely as ever. The weather wasn't great this time, but I didn't care. Senja is beautiful in all kinds of weather. We took the kids down to the shore, where they had a great time picking seashells and stones. The most exciting thing though was probably finding the skeleton of a dead cod's head in the sand. I actually found that to be pretty cool myself. You know you are in the North of Norway when that happens.


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