• Elfrid

Sleeping Beauty

Lately, I have been catching up on my sleep. Like really catching up on my sleep. Not the kind you do on a Saturday morning after a stressful week, but the kind you do after getting more or less no sleep for the last five years. Okay, so I might exaggerate a bit for emphasis. Obviously, I have gotten some hours of sleep these years, but in periods, it’s been very little. Why? Well, because five years ago, I joined the exclusive “sleep deprivation society”, of which Prince William is also a member (I bet this video made many parents laugh last week! At least, I loved it!) A beautiful cause, of course. Motherhood is without a doubt the most fantastic thing that ever happened to me, but the lack of sleep that comes with it has been a challenge. I am a person who needs eight hours a night to feel rested, and well - after becoming a mom, eight hours of sleep has simply not been a reality anymore. Instead, the idea of it has turned into some sort of utopian dream; a distant, nostalgic memory of something I once had. Like an old love (Oh dear Sleep, please come back to me, and never leave me again!!!) The thing about sleep is that when you get enough of it, you don’t really think about it. But when you have trouble sleeping, you start to obsess over it. One night I was reading the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty to my daughter, and found myself envying the lucky princess, who got to sleep for a hundred years. I closed my eyes for a minute and prayed that a witch would come into the room and cast a spell on me too. When Prince Charming woke up the princess with a kiss on the last page, I couldn't agree any longer that the fairy tale had a happy ending. I told my daughter “Oh men, they always bring trouble, don’t they." She didn’t get it, of course - but I am quite sure she will the day she has children on her own. Lately though, I have been sleeping much better. For the first time in ages, I wake up in the morning feeling rested and awake. The best feeling in the world! If any sleep deprived parents are reading this, you should therefore know there is hope! Above you see my version of Sleeping Beauty: the tired toddler mom, not sleeping for a hundred years, but for a couple of hours in between feedings and diaper changes. Aaah life :) xx Elfrid


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