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The Old Man and the Sea

Maximilian Estrada, "The Old Man and the Sea", 2012

”The Old Man and The Sea was taken in Puerto Natales in Patagonia, Chile. I was there with my wife in 2012 and while walking around in the small city of Puerto Natales, we saw this old man working on his boat. I approached this man, Pedro Leiva was his name, and talked with him for a while. My idea was to take a photo of him while he was working on his boat. I took a few but this one with him standing up is the one I liked the most. I saw a proud man in the photo but also someone who perhaps have not had the easiest of life. I also saw a great deal of dignity, that no matter what, that he was proud of what he was doing and even though he was getting older and older, he still loved to work with his boat and to be by the sea.” (The photographer, Maximilian Estrada, October 2016) More about Maximilian Estrada here.


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